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Revlon Matte Collection Haul, Swatches, Reviews


I walked into walgreens the other day and was so intrigued by the Revlon Matte Collection display I had to do some hauling. I have never tried a matte lipstick before, and there's such a glamorous star-quality to it that I thought "hey, why not?" .

I got four lipsticks (Wine Not, Pink Pout, Pink About It, In the Red) and three eyeshadows ( I don't have the exact shade names right now but they're a navy blue shade, chocolate brown, and light neutral peachy color).

Lipsticks up close:

Left to right: In the Red (matte true red) Pink About It ( I'd say this is a bright, slightly coral watermelon pink), Pink Pout ( matte pink, slightly on the purple side), Wine Not (matte dark red)

Swatches, inverted order of previous picture:

Wine Not, Pink Pout, Pink About It, In The Red

All in all I have to say I love these. As long as my lips are moisturized I haven't had a problem and they go on rather smooth, not dry. The color is very true and it lasts a very long time . The packaging is also matte, I think it makes it look classy. They are easy to switch up (worn as a stain, sheerly applied with a brush, true and opaque from the tube, or with added gloss) so they get extra points for versatility. And the best part? Each was less than $10 USD !!!

I'd never used matte eyeshadows before, so I thought buying these cheapies would be a good way to ease into the look just in case I didn't like them. I actually did! The dark colors are rich and decently pigmented, plus the brown one is great on my brows too ( i have dark brown hair/ eyebrows). The lightest color is good for when I'm doing a bright lip, as it's almost exactly the color of my own skin (it rarely shows up on me ). I love how these look when I use them in combination or alone, the shadows are soft enough but they're a little hard to blend especially if I use a base (which I always do). There's something alluring about shimmer-less makeup that makes me feel all grown up when I wear them! Less than $5 USD each.

applied over L Oreal De-Crease Shadow Base

I haven't tried the matte blushes but I'm extremely curious. I haven't seen much about this collection on the web, makes me wonder if it just hasn't gotten out much or if people have just not been interested enough tu purchase/review. Anyway, hope this helps!



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The colors looks very pretty! I'm going to have to wait until weekend until I can hit Walgreens - I'll have to scope them out :)

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*dances around* pretty pretty!

I'm waiting for a sale, now :( Up in Canada the collection is $10-ish... markup is crazy! A few days ago when the MAC FF sale was going on and I wanted to pick up a paraben-free e/s, I worked out that a MAC shadow was cheaper than an Almay Pure Blends.

As I said. Drugstore. Markup. Is. Crazy.

(I hope you post if you try out those matte blushes! I'm a major blush junkie so those are perking my interest even more than the rest of the collection ^^)

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I like the look of that red, but I have put myself on a self-imposed red lipstick ban for the moment (because I have too many of them, and it's really not healthy). Pink Pout, though, looks like something I don't have... yet :-D

But to AParker, I'd just like to say... yikes. When MAC is cheaper than a drugstore brand, even on sale, there are problems in the world. That is lunacy!

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LOL! Bailaora. Lunacy indeed!!!!
And I'm totally with you on the red lipstick but I couldn't help it! I LOVE red lipstick. And this one reminds me of the 1940's girls, with it being truly matte and all . They have more red shades too, but i'm trying to stay away, as I've been bingeing on lipstick like you have nooo idea!

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Oh, red lipstick is not even funny. It's gotten to the point where I have shades (like Russian Red from MAC and Certainly Red from Revlon) that are exactly the same. I love the vintage/1940s and 50s look, makeup and fashion both, but it's so impractical on an everyday basis. But yet... I still want to show up to my lectures rocking a Dita look... *sigh* if only I had an extra hour in the morning! :-p

(But you said... there are MORE red shades??? Oh dear. I don't think I can ever go to the drugstore again...)

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i get you . my lipstick obsession is ridiculous. I especially love the L Oreal colour riche and Revlon Super lustrous ones. Affordable and pretty, and awesome color selection and payoff.

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